Lauri Anne Westmoreland

Lecturer, Embracing Wellness: A How To Guide

I’m a stay at home Mom who needed eggs!  I was buying eggs by the case and I wanted to provide eggs to my children that were healthy. Enter the chickens. This began a passion for finding ways to grow or make things that we used regularly instead of relying on commercial products. I wanted to provide a healthier environment for my kids and reduce the the toxins I exposed my family to.

The first cleaner I made was my orange all-purpose cleaner. I wanted to find something to do with all my leftover orange peels and found a recipe for an all purpose cleaner.  I loved the smell of the orange and it cleaned just as well as any store bought cleaner.

A few years later a friend introduced me to essential oils. I was already using oils in my products for aromatic purposed but I was opened up to a whole new world of what essential oils could do for you.

After doing some research I began using Young Living essential oils because I loved their Seed to Seal commitment. And I was amazed at how many uses they had and how quickly they incorporated into my life.

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